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Simms HardBite Star Cleat


Product Information

When the wading gets tough, you want these Carbide-flaked Simms HardBite Star Cleats on your Simms Steam Tread rubber soles. These custom cleats are designed specifically to fit between the recesses of the Simms StreamTread 360 degree lugs. With these large surface area cleats on your boots, you'll gain a significant boost in traction in the fastest bouldery rivers and on greasy, moss laden rocks. Star Cleats will also extend the life of your boot soles, so you can replace the cleats as they wear, rather than replacing your boots, or a more expensive re-sole job. You can attach the cleats in any pattern you like, and you can also combine these cleats with the Simms Vibram sole Hardbite Studs.

Product Code: SIM545